Pay for access card online

$15 non-refundable deposit for each key needed is due at sign-up.

Access cards are required for all adult members.

Families with children under 16 will only need cards for members 16 & above.

Individual Gym Memberships

IndividualMonth to Month Auto Draft$35.00 per month
IndividualMonth to Month Cash$45.00 per month
Individual3 Month Pay in Advance$105.00
Individual6 Month Pay in Advance$175.00
Individual12 Month Pay in Advance$350.00

Couple Gym Memberships

CoupleMonth to Month Auto Draft$55.00 per month
CoupleMonth to Month Cash$65.00 per month
Couple3 Month Pay in Advance$165.00
Couple6 Month Pay in Advance$275.00
Couple12 Month Pay in Advance$550.00

Family Gym Memberships

FamilyMonth to Month Auto Draft$70.00 per month
FamilyMonth to Month Cash$80.00 per month
Family3 Month Pay in Advance$210.00
Family6 Month Pay in Advance$350.00
Family12 Month Pay in Advance$700.00

Student Memberships (high school only)

StudentMonth to Month Auto Draft$30.00 per month
StudentMonth to Month Cash$40.00 per month
Student3 Month Pay in Advance$90.00
Student6 Month Pay in Advance$150.00
Student12 Month Pay in Advance$300.00

Senior Memberships (65 or older)

SeniorMonth to Month Auto Draft$30.00 per month
SeniorMonth to Month Cash$40.00 per month
Senior3 Month Pay in Advance$90.00
Senior6 Month Pay in Advance$150.00
Senior12 Month Pay in Advance$300.00


My Tan Packages

EFT Tan & Gym Member$25 per month*

*Plus $35 for gym

EFT Tan Only Member$30 per month

Cash Tan and Gym Member$35 per month*

*Plus $45 for gym

Cash Tan Only Member$40 per month

Visitor Fee$5

Access Card/Signup Fee$15

*Picked up in officeduring office hours