Are there any additional monthly charges or fees I have to pay?
No.  The only additional charges you will ever have other than your monthly membership pricing is the one time cost for your access cards to the facility or the $15 reactivation fee.

How much are the access cards?
$15 per card.  Each member will need their own card to access the facility.  Access cards are not refundable, but can be reused for future membership.

If my card is turned off, do I have to pay any fees to get it turned back on?
Yes.  There is a $15 reactivation fee charged for each person for all >30 day lapse in membership.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No.  There are no contracts or membership fees ever.  Your membership is always on a month to month basis.  The only paperwork you will fill out is an agreement that works as a liability release.  This agreement has what you can expect from us, limited personal information we need from you for your safety & convenience and what behavior we expect from you.  This information is never shared with anyone.

Why did you choose to not use contracts with the members?
In today’s society people lead an ever-changing lifestyle, by not locking them in to long contracts gives the member flexibility.

How do I access the facility?
When you sign up, you will receive an access card that provides you entry 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  Your card will be activated and grant you access through the date of your paid membership.

What happens if I don’t pay by my due date?
Your access to the facility will be denied until payment is received.

What happens if I let other people use my access card?
Your membership can & will be permanently denied.   Access cards should never be used by anyone other than the paying member.

What happens if I let people ringing the doorbell in the tanning facility?
Your membership can & will be permanently denied.   All valid members have access cards to allow their individual entry to the facility.  Any discrepancies on denied entry must be directed to management.

Do I get credit for days I don’t tan?
No.  Your monthly membership fee is the same no matter how many days you choose to use the facility.

Do I get money back if I cancel my membership in the middle of the month?
No.  Members that wish to cancel mid-month will continue to have access to the gym through the last day of the current month.

Do I have to have an appointment to take a tour of the facility?
No, but you do need to stop by when the staff is at the facility.  Call us or see store hours for details.

How old do you have to be to tan?
18.  Minors may be permitted to tan with parent or legal guardian’s signed permission.  No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to tan.

Can I bring friend(s) with me when I tan?
Only during office hours and the visitor has paid the $5 visitor fee prior to using facility.

Can I try out your facility without signing up for a membership?
Yes.  Visitors are charged at $5/visit to be paid prior to entry of the facility.

Can I pay in advance for my membership?
Yes.  You can pay up to a year in advance.  EFT rates are offered for 3, 6 & 12 months paid in advance.  Call our office or see price sheet for details.

Do you offer group or discounted rates?
No.  All tanning membership rates are per person as listed.

If I am signed up for monthly auto debit (EFT), how do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by notifying us in writing two business days before your due date.  There are no penalties or fees charged for cancelling.

Can I cancel my membership over the phone or in person at the office?
No.  All cancellations must be in written form via email or US mail.

Is it safe to tan when the staff is not there?
Yes.  The doors are locked 100% of the time so only paid members that we have information on can enter the facility.  We have a camera surveillance system that monitors activity both inside & outside the facility to help deter unwanted behavior.

Do I have to wear eye protection when I tan?
Yes.  Failure to wear protective eyewear may result in severe burns or longterm injury to the eyes.

Can medications alter my tan?
Yes.  Always consult a physician before using sunlamps if you are on medication, have a history of skin problems or believe yourself to be especially sensitive to sunlight.

Will I tan better in a tanning bed?
No.  If you do not tan in the sun, you are unlikely to tan from the use of these sunlamps.

How many times can I tan a day?
Once.  Your unlimited tanning package means you may tan every day in the month, but only once per day is allowed per state law.

If I’ve paid my membership why did my card deny me access to the facility?
Access cards will only allow one entry every 24 hours to the facility.  Any entry before this will be denied until 24 hours has past.

Should I use tanning lotions?
Tanning lotions may help enhance the sunlamp tanning for some users, but My Tan doesn’t not require lotions be used.